Lightfoot Cycles Bigfoot Ranger Recumbent Fat-Bike

I shot a note off to Rod Miner of Lightfoot Cycles when I came across the Bigfoot version of their recumbent bike called the Ranger. He responded quickly and offered up this info on the “Bigfoot” Ranger.

Using fat-bike tires (Larry, Endomorph etc.) and rims (65mm to 80mm) to deal with the most challenging conditions, the Bigfoot Ranger can tromp around almost anywhere. It is essentially a recumbent all-terrain bicycle. Its bigger wheels allow it to climb over logs, rocks and curbs. The wide tires float over soft substrates of mud, sand and packed snow. The height of the seat puts the rider above a lot of grass and brush and provides good slow speed balance when maneuvering. The long wheelbase spans bumps and barrow pits.

The Ranger is available in several different configurations depending on a riders needs including options that are suitable for swapping out the fat-tires for skinnys if that is what you want to do.

Rod also said Lightfoot is planning some cross country rides for the coming spring. These will start when the snow is consolidated but not entirely melted on the passes and when the high country is not so dangerously cold. These treks will traverse some of the big country on the Montana/Idaho┬áborder. The wide tires uniquely make this early spring travel possible. The Bigfoot handles rocky conditions better than almost anything else without active suspension, and is a great all-around setup for the northern Rocky Mountain region. He says, the way we build the Symmetrical Stays version of the Bigfoot allows us the option of putting narrow 29’er or 700c wheels and tires on for road use.

Lightfoot Cycles are sold directly from their factory in Montana and there is a whole bunch more info on the Bigfoot Ranger on the Lightfoot Cycles website at


  1. Hi, I like the yellow fat bike (not nessecerly the color) and would like
    a price on it………(lightfoot recumbent(.

    Thanks Jack

    • Jack – you have to contact Lightfoot to receive pricing. Their website is in the story above.

  2. I ordered the Ranger Outback with 29’ers and 3″ Knard tires…should be here mid-June 2013…very excited about this fatty!

  3. Unfortunately, Lightfoot has gone out of business. Hoping someone else will make a fat tire LWB recumbent.

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