Introducing the Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilots

Bike Black Ribbon test pilot black ops


Back in 2012 we started to assemble a group of fat-bike riders that ride hard and fat, all year long. We needed a diverse and accomplished group, dedicated to test  gear and share the results of that testing, right here, on the pages of We assembled our team for 2013 and branded them the Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilots. Many of the names will sound familiar if you are a follower of the site. Let’s introduce you to this year’s group of test pilots!

Introducing the Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilots for 2013

Adam Blake – aka Fattie Lumpkin, aka “the Arrow”: – Fat-Biker, Bike Wrencher, Cage Fighter, Early Adopter and fellow fat bike evagelist, Adam es mi hermano de otra madre.

Colin Ford – aka Beeker: – Former Undisputed Bantam-Weight Pugsley World Champion, 2012 Wisconsin Team Fat-Bike Champion and most importantly brews delicious craft brewed beer all day and sometimes all night!

Spinner Ryerson: – Wrassler – Racer – Race Promoter – Claims to have Icelandic blood and seems to have a propensity for breaking bikes – Ladies and gentlemen…the Spinner Ryerson!

Andy Oleson – aka Angry Andy: – Racer – Commuter – Hammerhead – Andy likes to go out and ride gravel centuries on his single speed fat-bike and celebrates his birthday with a double!

Joe Marencik – aka Julio: – Racer – Fat Packer – Botanist – When not acting in a product reviewer/tester capacity for FatHyphenBikeDotCom, he likes to dabble in the black arts, craft beer imbibing, doughnut consumption, music exploration, and espresso extraction.  Additionally, in some regions of rural Indiana, Julio is legendary among the vast network of mobile home parks and swinger clubs as being too sexy for his shirt (or so he is told).

Chris Zito: – Commuter – Bike Messenger – Minister of the Church of 2 wheels – Purple Pugs – Bar Keep – Zito is the un-official Mayor of Klode Park Beach and Rides His bike everywhere! From beach combing to year round commuting, Chris puts cycle gear to the test.

Jim Huber: – Bike Messenger – Mountain Biker – Wheel Builder – Hunter – Craftsman – James works delivering food all over MKE all year long. He also is a wizard in the realm of wrenching bikes, which comes in real handy around here! Jim Rides 29+

Cale Wenthur: – Racer – Fat-Packer – Ultra-Marathoner – Race Promoter – From Baja to Death Valley, Cale rocks his fat-bike and a fat-front singlespeed in races and tours that have been featured on the pages of fat-bike.

Our test crew has a lot of great gear coming to use, abuse and report on, so stayed tuned to find out the results!

Readers, we endeavor to get our hands on all the test gear we can but we realize that there are many products we don’t have access to, experience with or opportunity to test. This is where you come in! If you have a fat-bike related product that you think our readers would enjoy hearing about, shoot me a note to and we will work with you to get a story posted!  – working every day to give you the skinny on all that is fat!


  1. Yes! now this is a crew to build a bonfire and some jumps with after a long day of riding. strong work, fella’s. congratulations.

  2. I would love to volunteer my services, you know how I am and where I am. I dream of doing this!

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