Hope 170mm and 135mm Q/R Skewers

Hope has made a Q/R set available for their FatSno hubs. The FatSno hubs are made for symmetrical fat-bikes with a 170mm rear axle and a 135mm front axle. The CNC machined Q/R arm has a new profile and a brass seat to give years of trouble free use. Stainless steel skewer rods stay rust-free, as do the CNC machined end nuts. Of course this skewer set can be used on any 170/135 setup! In addition, by special order, a dual 135mm set is available for your Pug or other offset fat-bike. Expect them to retail for about $50.

  • CNC machined in Barnoldswick.
  • Size: Front 135mm, Rear 170mm
  • Colors: Silver, Gunsmoke, Blue, Red, Black & Gold


  1. Heh. I asked Hope back in May this year if they’d make a 170mm QR, to which they said “no”. Now they make it… yet isn’t listed on either the UK or US Hope website?! :/

    PS: I wish Hope would make public the “Team Green” colour too. And do pink, purple and brown again.

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