Hope 170mm and 135mm Q/R Skewers

Hope has made a Q/R set available for their FatSno hubs. The FatSno hubs are made for symmetrical fat-bikes with a 170mm rear axle and a 135mm front axle. The CNC machined Q/R arm has a new profile and a brass seat to give years of trouble free use. Stainless steel skewer rods stay rust-free, as do the CNC machined end nuts. Of course this skewer set can be used on any 170/135 setup! In addition, by special order, a dual 135mm set is available for your Pug or other offset fat-bike. Expect them to retail for about $50.

  • CNC machined in Barnoldswick.
  • Size: Front 135mm, Rear 170mm
  • Colors: Silver, Gunsmoke, Blue, Red, Black & Gold


  1. No Green? Why always no green…I’m just say’N. Having said that the skewers are awesome.

  2. I don’t speak bike mech. Can you use these on a Moonlander (0ffset rear, symmetric front).

  3. Heh. I asked Hope back in May this year if they’d make a 170mm QR, to which they said “no”. Now they make it… yet isn’t listed on either the UK or US Hope website?! :/

    PS: I wish Hope would make public the “Team Green” colour too. And do pink, purple and brown again.

  4. Those look awesome. Love the brass cup washers… No crushing like the “S” brand skewers’ plastic washers.

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