Global Fatbike Summit Day 3 – In Which Mark Recovers


I stayed up past my bed time and drank WAY too many adult beverages Saturday night at the post race party. I had a world class hangover Sunday morning, so it was sheer willpower that got me on the mountain today but it was worth it. There were only about 20 of us that morning for the final event of the 2014 GFBS & F, the Industry Fun Ride at Snowbasin. We set out to ride to the Overlook Trail. It became clear to me a mile in that I was not going to make it to the top. 2 switchbacks before the saddle I found a beautiful meadow freckled with sun and shadow. I decided to just sit off the trail and take pictures of my fellow Fat-Bikers on their way up the trail. After I got some cool shots of the fellas as they passed me, I then settled in to a snow made chair to relax. There is something very Zen about the sounds in a forest in winter, very calming. There I sat, before long I was joined by another victim, not of beverages but rather altitude. Shortly, there were 3 of us sitting of the edge of the trail soaking in the peaceful location. It didn’t take long until we decided to head back to the parking lot and sit in lawn chairs in the sun. There was a BBQ and plenty of beer but even more camaraderie and new friendships. The perfect end to an amazing weekend. I’ve been absorbing the experience and trying to put it into words but sometimes it is difficult to describe the amazing people and their passions. I have nothing but the deepest gratitude for this experience and my thanks to Greg and Gomez for the opportunity to cover this event. If a Global Fat Bike Summit event is not on your “Have to do” list it should be. Cheers!









Mark says, so long and thanks for all the rides!
Mark says, so long and thanks for all the rides!







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  1. Have you ever thought “I kick ass” at this or that. I have learned that I Kick ass at some things and suck at others, but Sven Haamer is the Master behind the mystical curtain! I fell short this weekend with my responsibilities and my capabilities. Perhaps Gomez new something that we didn’t. Either way, am am honored, grateful, and very humbled through having this experience. The professionals at are a truly skilled and knowledgeable. I am a hack in training. Love you guys and thank you for putting up with my shortcomings.

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