Global Fat-bike Day Report From Two Rivers, WI

2014 marked the 2nd year that George Kapitz hosted a big get together for Global Fat-bike Day in Two Rivers, WI. George, who owns the Broken Spoke Bike Studios in Manitowoc and Green Bay, WI, rents a really great house right near Point Beach State Park as an HQ for several rides over the Fri-Sun weekend that bookends Global Fat-bike Day. This year, for good measure, it was a full moon so a Full Moon Beach Ride was part of the festivities. Here are a few shots from the weekend.


80 fat-bike riders joined in the festivities at the Point Beach Global Fat-bike Day ride!



George had a custom GFBD shirt made just for the occasion.


Beach, ice and trails were on the agenda.


George is testing out the 5.0 Dillingera with studs on the ice.


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