Full Spectrum Cycling Podcast #7 – Come Gather Round Ye Children!

Yupper doodle, I’m out in ‘Vegas for a bit but JK and I made with the knob twiddling and schmack talking before I left to give you your bi-weekly fix of the Full Spectrum Cycling Podcast! So Gather ’round Ye Children, ’cause I think this show is PG-13 or better and it may, or may not, include the following bits go goodness.

  • Shout out to Dream/Bikes and Bike for Jeffro
  • New gear int he studio
  • Pedal flat rant!
  • New Year’s Day ride
  • Cold weather gear
  • Tony’s ride everyday
  • Do spin classes or trainers count if you are out of town and can’t find a bike?
  • Visits from a couple of Schlick alum, Jim and Amber.
  • Chumba Ursa Major Fat-bike in the house Give me a shout and we can get cracking on January 16th building your dream bike!

Talk at you next time!

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  1. Good stuff fellas. I will call in on the 16th if you guys do a show. I would love to chat. Cheers \m/.

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