Full Spectrum Cycling FunDuro Edition – Listen as Sven JK and Tony Explore the Sounds of the Grand FunDuro

Sven, JK and Tony did a live recording of the Grand FunDuro Ball at the Illinois State Park Beach Resort and Convention Center with guest segments in eluding chats with John Trusky, Electra Bike winner Michelle, tire talk with Ernie and Brad, event hosts Chris Daisy of Zion Cyclery and Gomez, Aaron from Surly and more!

The Gnome Trust!
Molly’s first beach ride!
Harbor Brewing hosted Saturday’s pizza and beer party!
An animated Tony hosting the show.
Show host, JK Lahey, taking a sippy poo.
Michelle won the grand prize, an Electra Beach Cruiser, from Zion Cyclery!
Costumes a plenty! Berta and Mike doin’ it right!
It was late, I forgot what this was all about!

A fun time was had by all thanks to:

  • Zion Cyclery
  • Surly
  • 45NRTH
  • PDW
  • Garage Coffee
  • BikeStud
  • Illinois Resort and Conference Center
  • Bontraeger
  • Serfas
  • Full Spectrum Cycling
  • Danger Gnome Podcast

Interested in joining us for the next installment of the FunDuro franchise? Put January 3rd-5th, 2020 on your calendar. Same beach, same hotel, more racing with the Hugh Ass Fatbike Series!