Full Spectrum Cycling #99 – Seeley Dave Schlabowske Chats Trail Grooming, Photography and Bikes

Show #99 – With JK on holiday, Sven and Tony man the Everyday Cycles Riverwest Studio where we welcome Seeley Dave on the Call in Studio phone line to chat trail grooming, bikes and get some photography tips from a guy who takes some of the best images on the web!

Talkin’ Schmack

Winter waterfall.

Show Guest – Seeley Dave Schlabowske

Same waterfall in summer!

Show Beer – Black Husky Vain – Pale Ale with Citra hops

  • Shad is our rock star dog having run the famous Iditarod sled dog race. However, like some celebrities, he could be aloof and even arrogant at times. In fact he really felt like he was better than other dogs – and he was. So in Shad’s arrogant spirit we have brewed a pale ale with Citra hops that we frankly feel is better than the others.
  • 7.2 ABV
  • 42 IBUS

Shit Worth Doin’

  • February 13th?? – Bike Across Bago – Over 14 inches of ice on Lake Winnebago but considering the Walk Across Lake Winnebago has been cancelled, there will be no “official” Bike Across Bago for 2021.
  • February 20th – Rip Zip and Sip Fat Bike Race – Minocqua, WI – The 3 lap, 21K race you will definitely challenge you. The single-lap 7K race has a few challenges as well, but is great for those newer to fatbiking. – https://lamboriders.org/events/rip-zip-and-sip-1/7880 
  • Friday Feb 26th, 27th, 28th – Sweaty Yeti Alt! – A virtual race format this year as a fund raiser for the Levis and Trow Mound Trails. No in person registration. Complete your laps anytime within those 3 days. Upload your laps to Strava (optional).  We hope to see new and our past SY racers for a low key fun fundraising event. – https://www.bikereg.com/sweaty-yeti-alt 
  • March 13th – Fat Bike Birkie – https://www.birkie.com/bike/events/fat-bike-birkie/ 

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