Full Spectrum Cycling #77 – JK’s Birthday – Zion Trippery – Steel is Real Prep

Sven, JK and Tony are in Everyday Cycles Riverwest Studio where we revel in the glory of JK’s birthday, chat about his recent Zion trip, recount another Steel is Real recon ride, talk electric bikes like the Surface 604 Boar fatbike and other nonsense you’ll just have to listed to to appreciate.

Playing in Honey Creek with the Surface 604 Boar electric fat-bike and Tony’s eSmitty.

Talkin’ Schmack

  • Happy Birthday JK!  Another year older and deeper in debt thanks to the Low Side
  • Damn SIR is shaping up to be one heck of a ride especially for the fatter of the group
  • eBiking for maintenance
  • JKs Zion Trippery
  • Zion Sold – Did we talk about this last week?
  • Chewy’s Salon Chair #1
  • New Danger Gnome Episode

Things we dig…

  • Tony – I got a new belt from and old tire and it’s awesome because it’s upcycled and it holds my pants up so it’s a UP UP.
  • Greg – US Army surplus Shovel Bag Molle system – One on the bars two on the tube.
Army surplus shovel bag makes a super handlebar bag, and it’s made in the US! Dyed Black by Sven.

Show Beer – War Pigs Foggy Geezer

  • ABV 6.8%
  • IBU 70

Shit Worth Doin’

Saint Christopher and Jayke Orvis doing a socially distant show at the Bremen Garden.

Bikes we have (or coming!)

  • Surly Wednesday fat-bikes.
  • Teesdale Road Frame and Fork – 56cm – Currently bare frame ready for paint or powder
  • Roll C:1 British Racing Green – Large
  • Roll A:1 Step Thru Gulf Porsche Blue – Small
  • A bunch of Schlick Growler (Zen Bicycle Fabrications AR 45) frames for custom builds
  • 29+ Schlick Cycles frames for custom builds
  • Contact info@everydaycycles.com
F1 BMX – Old School!

Next week on the show we will be harassing…???

Call-in to 717-727-2453 and leave us a message about how cycling is making your life better!