Full Spectrum Cycling #38 – Aaron Domeier from Surly Bikes is in the Studio!

Aaron Domeier from Surly Bikes joins Sven, JK and Tony in the Everyday Cycles Studio and we have an interview with Mike Eitel about the origins of Santa Cycle Rampage. Plus we recap the Milwaukee edition of Global Fatbike Day/Santa Cycle Rampage.

Part of the early group at Santa Cycle Rampage. We started the day at Nomad on Brady St.
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Bill at Nomad
Three Amigos!
John Trusky behind the pine at Great Lakes Distillery.
JK getting a couple from Andy Kochanski at Kochanski’s Concertina Bar.
JK and Jeff
Night falls on Santa Rampage at Sabbatic.
Gotta throw a Dirty Ron’s stop in for some fuel!
The PWC Axe makes a tour stop at Everyday Cycles in Milwaukee.

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