Full Spectrum Cycling #154 – Andrew Zahn in the Studio and Seeley Dave Reports on Northland Fatbike Conditions

Show#154 – Sven, JK and Tony welcome Andrew Zahn to the PodcastMKE.org studio and check in with Seeley Dave on the conditions expected for the upcoming Fatbike Birkie.

Talkin’ Schmack

  • Crypto minute
    • First crypto transaction w/Tony
  • Throwback Thursday Photo – George breaking stuff and/or Mike on the stretcher
  • New shop 500 feet closer to Amorphic
Throwback Photo – Watch out for that table, George!
Throwback Photo – That one time when JK rag dolled down St Mary’s Hill!

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Andrew and JK

Show Guest – Dave Schlabowske and Andrew Zahn

Show Beer – Amorphic Cosmic Logic

  • This beer brings a spin on our popular “Fluffy Logic” easy drinking hazy IPA, utilizing a mash-hopping technique coupled with a thiol-boosting yeast for even more fruity flavors in the mix. Sweet malt and the ever popular Citra/Mosaic/El Dorado combo persists.
  • New shop 500 feet closer to Amorphic
  • ABV 6.3%

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Shit Worth Doin’ – Lots to check out on the Fat-bike.com calendar – https://fat-bike.com/event-calendar/ 

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