Full Spectrum Cycling #133 – Chewey’s Sitting in for Tony as we Talk Coaster Brakes, Fatbikes and Tacos

Show #133 –  Chewey calls in to cohost while Tony celebrates 30 years with Molly! Mostly followed the show notes this week so have a look!

  • Monday was National Taco Day! – According to the made-up food holiday’s website, NationalTacoDay.com, Americans ate more than 4.5 billion tacos last year, which is an estimated 490,000 miles of tacos.
  • Only 2 State Klunkers left
  • Garrett’s final NICA race of the year. Strong starts!
  • I first learned of this on bikepacking.com https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/travel/baggage/sports-equipment.html 
  • Best thing about power in the shop? Got a Fridge running!
  • Worst thing about power in the shop. Now I have to pay rent!
  • Coaster brake hubs – Shimano rebuild, Velosteel is supposed to be the best??
State Bicycle Co Yellowstone Edition

Show Guest – Chewy

  • Salon Chair 11 Hockey, A Person in Crisis, RAGBRAI and a bit about bikes – 81 edits
  • Pimp the Klunker show. In Rochester? 
  • Favorite RAGBRAI town
    • Did all the routes (North – Central – South)
    • Towns 10 miles north or south of the route
    • Riding it in Reverse
  • Pants vs shorts what temp do you switch?
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Show Beer – From right down the block. Gathering Place Friendly Debate

  • Blonde IPA
  • ABV: 5.5%
  • IBU: 55
  • Ripe mango, tangerine, raspberry, and pine notes burst in this IPA, the color of liquid sunshine. Light bodied with a moderate bitterness that lingers a bit longer than winter daylight and finishes with a citrusy sweetness.

Shit Worth Doin’

  • October 30th – Fat Fish Fenton – Webster, WI – The Fenton Lake 106 is a long distance, fat-bike specific course taking riders over miles of multi-surfaces of natural terrain including the Northeast portion of the Namekagon River Barrens.

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  • Parts swapping to make more coaster brake bikes.
  • Large Schlick Tatanka, Orange.
  • Schlick Fatbikes
  • Chumba USA Stella Ti V3 Medium Demo
  • Teesdale Road Frame and Fork – 56cm – Currently bare frame ready for paint or powder
  • Roll C:1 British Racing Green – Large
  • A bunch of Schlick Growler (Zen Bicycle Fabrications AR 45) frames for custom builds – Al bought one!
  • 29+ Schlick Cycles frames for custom builds
  • Coming soon, maybe, a Small Chumba Ursa Major Fatbike if Sven can let it go.
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