Full Spectrum Cycling #121 – A Show in Two Parts – Firstly, a Veritable Who’s Who of Show Regulars Call in – Secondly, Andrew Zahn is in Studio and Talks RW24 Among Other Topics

Show #121 – That’s right cycling fans, this show is a double-doser! The first half, or so, is a generous portion of call-ins from show regulars, Chewey, Dave Fuckin’ Lunz (DFL) and a Jager-infested Big Sexy we are meeting in Michigan next week! Hail Lake Express Ferry. We will be in Grand Haven, MI Thursday night if you are in the area!

On the second half of the show in studio guest, Andrew Zahn chats about RW24s past and present along with other cycling topics.

What happened here?

Talkin’ Schmack

  • Steel is Real pre-ride this weekend? Saturday?
  • Delay of Show next week?? (FYI, we decided after this week’s show that there is no point in a Combo Breaker! We will have a show next week!)

Show Guests – Andrew Zahn in Studio, Call-ins from Chewey, DFL and Big Sexy

At first, I thought some jerk was littering up the parking lot at the new shop. But wait, it was a full cans! Parking lot score!

Show Beer – Some Assorted Parking Lot Beer Plus…

Hop Valley

  • Bubble Stash
  • Stash Panda
  • Mango Stash

Shit Worth Doin’

Here’s a deal I hope one of you won’t pass up! This is a set of Sturdy Bag Designs bags to outfit your rig for whatever adventure you might be planning. Hit the Urban Assault, go on a tour, figure it out! Included in this set, which is a Demo set that Sven used a couple of times by the way, Are the following:

Sturdy Bag Designs Touring Set
Sturdy Bag Designs Touring Set – Rear

Please consider getting something nice for yourself from the Everyday Cycles store!

JK’s Haircut Checkpoint look from a past RW24


Water in the new shop thanks to a leaky roof drain. Yes, it will be fixed!

Call-in to 717-727-2453 and leave us a message about how cycling is making your life better!

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  1. Tony and I will need to crack beers and talk about the Ford Big Block vs the 6.0 Diesel (which I have owned) and why I made the choice that I did. 😉

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