First Look – Vee Tire Traxx Fatty 29+ Tire


To some of us this may be the most exciting tire offering in a while. Finally, there is more than one choice for the 29+ crowd with the introduction of the Vee Tire Co. Traxx Fatty 29×3.0 tire!


The Traxx Fatty is built around a 120tpi carcass and is Tubeless ready. You can see from the photos that the tread pattern has ramps on the center knobs and polygon outer knobs. There is siping on the knobs as well.


Vee Tire did a good job getting the sizing on this tire similar to the currently available 29+ tire with the outer diameter and the casing size nearly identical. Vee do run a narrower tread that will give you an option for different conditions.

Vee Tire 29×3 Traxx Fatty

  • 74mm at the casing
  • 65mm at the knobs
  • 768mm diameter
  • At 879g and 867g the Traxx Fattys are lighter than the current batch of Knards!
  • MSRP = $120.00

Surly 29×3 Knard

  • 75mm at the casing
  • 78mm at the knobs
  • 768mm diameter

I’ve had the Traxx Fattys out for a couple of rides and they roll well in the urban environment. Not much off road yet. The trails are sloppy with the spring thaw but we’ll get out there soon and let you know what we find.

Vee estimates that these tires will be available at better bicycle retailers by June or July, 2014.



  1. Very exciting, but narrower than a knard is not the way I want to see things go. Loads of clearance for an 80mm casing on my surly. Then I’ll forgo the side knobs. For now I’ll stick with knards cause I want the most volume available.

  2. Any updates? Could be a nice rear compliment to the knard at front.

  3. Hi ken, I am very interested in the 26 x 3.0 version of this tire.
    Would you have access to the specs by any chance or a web site (same type of info specs as for the 29er tire you describe above). I can’t find it anywhere, I contacted vee rubber, no response.
    Also trying to determine is it would work on a 32.2mm wide (outer) rim (alex dm24)

    Any help appreciated, no retailers in my region.

    Vee Tire 26×3.0 Traxx Fatty

    XXmm? at the casing
    XXmm? at the knobs
    XXXmm? diameter

    thanks much

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