First Look – Vee Tire H-Billie – It’s a ‘tweener!


The new Vee Tire H-Billie is a kind of a ‘tweener tire. It is marked as a 4.25 on the side wall and definitely comes in between other fat-bike tires being larger than the likes of the Dillinger and Husker Du but is certainly smaller than the big 5.0 tires out there.

The tire is constructed on a 120tpi  carcass and is listed as Tubeless ready. An interesting note on the sidewall is that the recommended pressure goes from 5psi all the way up to 36psi.

On an 80mm rim the H-Billie measures like so:

  • 102mm at the casing
  • 87mm at the knobs
  • 745mm diameter
  • Gomez weighed our test pair at 1248g and 1263g. Very competitive!

and for comparison, a Dillinger on the same rims is:

  • 97mm at the casing
  • 96mm at the knobs
  • 728mm diameter

while a Nate is:

  • 100mm at the casing
  • 100mm at the knobs
  • 735mm diameter

Looking at the numbers the H-Billie is larger in diameter than either the Dillinger or the Nate. The Nate carcass is smaller in diameter than the 735mm measurement shows because it has significantly larger knobs than the H-Billie. The larger carcass on the H-Billie has more air volume.


Here is are the H-Billies mounted up on our test fleet bike from RSD Bikes, The Mayor. Good fit on this bike!

We will first be testing these tires on an 80mm rim because that is what they are mounted up on and then we’ll move on to narrower rims in a bit. We don’t figure that theses are suitable for the Clown Shoes as the knobs are already significantly inside the carcass even on an 80mm rim. We will let you know what we find!

Vee estimates that these tires will be available at better bicycle retailers by June or July, 2014. At an MSRP of $120.00



  1. Looks alot like a Knard to me but I like the tweener size but I am honestly more than happy with my 3.8. Good weight as well!

  2. Looks like a good rear tire, does vee tire plan to make a 4.25 front that’s more like the larry or bud?

  3. Love that Vee is breaking up the Quality (45n/surly) monopoly.
    These look like a great summer tire and will defiantly get a pair!

  4. What is the difference between these and the original snowshoe? To my eye they look identical, just relabeled.

  5. I would love to know if anyone has successfully put the h-billie on the rear of a trek Farley 2014 or trek Farley 6?

  6. Im currently running a set of tires that are 26 x 4 would the 26 x 4.25 be safe to use or do I have to stay with 26 x 4?

    • You could measure the tire clearance on your bike and then look at the actual measured width of the new tire that you want to buy mounted on the width rim that you run. Then you’ll have the answer to your question, amigo! Many tire widths listed on the side wall are not accurate and the width rim that they’re mouted on influences the actual width.

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