First Look – Sarma Naran Carbon Rims


Just arrived at FB.c World Headquarters is a pair of Naran Carbon rims that Dimitry at Sarma sent for testing! Jim is going to lace them up to a pair of Northpaw Hubs and we will get them on a bike and commence to testing! Meanwhile, here is a recap of what to look forward to.


The Naran is a double-wall carbon rim that has 64 spoke holes drilled in it for either Symmetrical or Offset lacing. Our sample pair weighed in at 629g and 643g with both of those weights under the advertised 650g. For comparison the similarly sized Rolling Darryl comes in at 860g. At 80mms wide, the Naran is hitting a common width in the middle of the fat-bike rim width range.


The Naran appears well made. The visible carbon weave looks perfectly laid out, the bead hook looks well thought out and there is a lip to help seal the bead when running tubeless.

  • Width: 80 mm
  • Weight: ~650g
  • ERD: 534 mm
  • ERTRO: 559 mm
  • Drilled for Presta valve
  • $830 to $850 a pair
More to come once we get the wheels built up, the tires mounted and get a fatbike on top of them!


  1. Sarma is, as far as I can tell, the only company squarely aimed at the Pugsley crowd with their carbon offerings so far. Offset wheels, straight 1 1/8th 450mm a/c fork and all. This is greatly appreciated, as is their pricing so far. Can’t wait to see how they perform.

  2. I jut got my Sarma 80’s laced to i9 hubs. AMAZING upgrade from my rolling daryls / salsa 2 hubs
    Can’t wait to set up tubless (once I take the studded tires off for spring)

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