First Look – Origin 8 80mm Fat-bike Rims


Our friendly J&B buddy and fellow fat-bike rider, Greg Earle, stopped by the shop the other day and dropped off a couple of their Origin 8, AT-Pro 80mm fat-bike rims. As you can see in the photo these rims are currently available in Satin Black and Gloss White.

Initial reports on builds made with these rims by Broken Spoke Bike Studio shop owner, George Kapitz, have been good. No surprises.


Some of you observant types out there may notice a striking similarity to the Vicious Graceful Fat Sheba. What is the difference you say? Well, it has double row of 32 spoke holes that allows for offset or symmetrical builds and it has those lightening holes that drop the weight down to 1049g from an undrilled Fat Sheba at about 1170g.


These Origin 8 rims are made from 6005A-T6 Aluminum by industry veterans, Weinmann.

Price – About $75.00 each at your LBS.



  1. A couple of hundred grams heavier than a Rolling Darryl for the same width – does anyone know if this translates to more strength? I have bruised my Darryls trail riding, it would be good to know if there is a stronger option out there..

  2. I have built up a pair of wheels with these rims with XT rear hub / offset, and sealed Or8 front hub (135mm). VERY strong set up wheels. They fly too. Love them. Considerably lighter than the Weinmann rims they replaced. You can’t beat $60/rim too.

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