First Look – 11Nine Fat-bike Suspension Fork and 15mm Thru Axle Front Hub


Just in from Lance at 11Nine Fatbikes is their Fat-bike Suspension Fork and 15mm Thru Axle Front Hub! Sent to us for testing, we aim to get it out on the trail ASAP!

We just unboxed the Sub 5-pound beauty and did some initial inspection as well as shot some pix for you all to ogle. Impressions are, thus far, favorable!


We’ve got to build a wheel for the 15mm Thru Axle hub in the next couple of days and we are hoping that Cross Country racer and Dirt Jump Expert, Aristotle Peters, can debut it at the WORS race at The Rock (Crystal Ridge) in Franklin, WI this weekend. We will keep you posted!

11Nine Fatbike Front Suspension Fork – Measured here are FB.C World HQ

  • Fork Weight – 4lb-14oz (With 15mm Thru Axle installed and uncut steerer)
  • Steerer Tube Length – 260mm uncut
  • Axle to Crown – 480mm to 505mm depending on travel.
  • Travel – 80mm, 100mm and 110mm
  • Maximum Air Pressure – 110psi

11Nine 15mm Thru Axle Fatbike Front Hub

  • 15mm Thru Axle Front Hub
  • 135mm fat-bike specific
  • 200g without the Axle

I’m sure you all have questions! Please understand that this is a soft rollout for this fork. The first run went pretty quickly. Retail Price of the 11Nine fork and the 135mm, Thru Axle Front Hub is $899.00 (USD). Last I heard just a few hours ago Lance had two left from the first run with more expected in a couple of weeks.

Lance and crew are working on their website but, meanwhile, if you are interested in one of these forks shoot them a message through Facebook or email Lance at ( they will respond, confirm the details and provide them with the information to make a payment.


Look for more from 11Nine Fatbikes later this year as they are working on both a Ridged and a Full Suspension fatbike frame aimed at All Mountain and Enduro riding. (The photo above, obviously, is the Rigid version) We can’t wait to see them and throw a leg over for some thrashing!


  1. I hate upside down forks. Scratched and gouged sliders suck. Maybe some heavy duty (tear proof?) accordians? Roost guards are not necessary obviously…..but…something is needed IMHO….

    • John, looks like we are set up for 110mm out of the box so that is what the 505mm came from! We are going to do some riding as it comes before we tear into is and try to change anything, Report is that it is about 480mm at the 80mm travel mark.

  2. I would love to see a future article comparing the pros and cons of a suspension fork vs. a carbon fork. Is there enough benefit to justify the weight?

    • Pro of a suspension fork I can do a 6-8 foot drops with out it hurting my wrist and ankles since I ride my fatbike in all terrain.

  3. I am getting this fork A.S.A.P. I need the suspension. Doing 8 foot drops hurt with no suspension and racing Enduro and Dual Slalom but for sand and snow I need a carbon option. Looking to get my hands on one of the new Carbon bikes this winter.

  4. I realize this is an old article, but I would just like to add my .02: I have this fork on a Salsa Beargrease. It works very well. I’ve been riding it for 7 months now. Snow, mud, a lot of sand as well as hard and soft pack. I was riding a Tracer 275 before this. After months of not kicking a leg over the tracer, I sold it a few weeks ago. I never thought I would like a hard tail. The fork works so well, in combination with the fat tires I’m faster on many trails then the enduro bike. I have not scratched my stanchions yet, and I do quite a bit of single track over technical rocks. I’m not a fan of Sram products, so I jumped at the chance to have suspension on something other then them. I also have a quite extensive motorcycle background and the upside down forks just feel better. With the lack of reviews, I was a little concerned at first, but I’m glad I took a chance on it. I would highly recommend this fork to anyone building a hard tail or full suspension fat bike.

  5. i would like to know if this particular fork would fit on a cooker (maxi) change 2015. if it does please let me know the price & what site to order it from. thank you.

  6. I’ve been riding this fork on a Norco Bigfoot, took the carbon fork off and will not go back. This fork is 100 times better then a blutto, blutto has too much flex and it is not made to withstand winter riding.11nine fork has no flex and is a great fork for all seasons. 100mm just enough to take the edge off.

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