Fatbiking in the “Offseason”

Spring has sprung, at least in the northern hemisphere! It happened here in good ole WI at 12:15AM on March 20th and while the weather is already acting like summer, the end of winter officially closed the season for fatbiking. Sorry, you can all go home now.

Hey! Wait a minute, I hear you saying, I love my fatbike. Can’t I still ride it even though winter is done? Yes, my friend! Yes you can! And to make it even better there are actually three seasons besides winter so you can triple your fun! All-season style!

As you all know, fatbiking exploded this past winter. Yeah, it had gained some momentum in 2010 with the introduction of relatively affordable, complete fatbikes but the winter of 2011/2012 really saw a bunch of folks get their first fatbike. Well, in most parts of the country winter didn’t really make an appearance. Heck, as I write this in mid-March we set a record of 81 degrees, in Wisconsin, in March! Crazy! A lot of folks seem to be under the impression that fatbiking is really snow biking. Hardly! Most of you have already gotten a taste of riding your fatbike in “offseason conditions” , i.e. no snow,  and I’ll wager you loved it!

So, what do you need to do to participate in these new-found seasons of fatbiking? Well, and here’s the good part, nothing special. Just keep riding your fat bike all-season long!

Take action now!


  1. Spring may have sprung in the SOUTHERN parts of the northern hemisphere but in the northern latitudes we’re still full on snow biking.

  2. hell, fat bikes are the quintessential exploring ATV bike! Any time of year! there are a bunch of abandoned railroad beds and utility roads waiting to be checked out!

  3. Fatbikes don’t HAVE “Seasons”…they’re the Chuck Norris of bicycles. Seasons enjoy the privilege of having fatbikes.

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