Fat-biking and Ice Fishing


Joe from out east in Hubbardston, MA originally sent in the photo above for a Wallpaper Wednesday but I liked the concept so much I asked Joe to tell us a bit about the setup and how it works. Here is what he sent.

My name is Joe and I love my Pug! I also have a passion for ice fishing, which motivated me to combine the two sports. I converted my Burley trailer by taking off the wheels and adapting a ski set to it. Next was to adapt the Fat-bike to the ice by replacing my original tires with 45 North Dillinger 26X4.0 studded tires. It has made my ice fishing experience much more user friendly and efficient. First, I can cross the 1.5 mile trek across the ice in short time. Second, after setting the tilts I can ride around checking my tilts with ease with or without the trailer. Lastly, I can ride around the lake and visit fellow fishermen who were in awe when they saw my fatty on the ice….In the photo the sun was just coming up on Ascomet Pond in Hubbardston Massachusetts and I was setting my tilts! As it turned out I ended up with 5 rainbow trout that morning….Must have been because of my Pug! Lol!!

BTW, if you’d like to use this shot as a wallpaper, just follow one of the link below!

Have you got an interesting task or hobby you use your fat-bike for? We’d love to hear about it! Shoot me a note to greg@fat-bike.com and we’ll check it out.


  1. Joe, how are you connecting your Burley to the pugs? new style hitch or old? Any issued with the connection? good on ya! I’ve been wanting to connect my pugs to the burley, but not sure how it would work w the horizontal drops.

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