Fat-bike Photo Session at Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park

Our pro-shooter friend, Rafal from Seville Media, and I met up with local dirt jump wunderkind, Aristotle Peters, for a fat-bike photo shoot at Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park recently. Aris had been wondering how a fat-bike would fare at the park so we hooked him up with a Schlick Tatanka to test. Aristotle noted that the only other time he’d ridden a fat-bike was a brief test to see how they wheelie out in front of a local pub so this was an all new experience. I think from the shots you can see that he got comfortable with flying a fat-bike pretty quickly!

Aris is an avid biker and just about any excuse to ride will get him going! He not only works at Ray’s part time but also works at the Milwaukee Dreambikes store and attends the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.



  1. This is just a shameless promotion of Schlick Cycles!

    FYI, I am happy to say I am lucky enough to own TWO Schlick Cycles including a NorthPaw.

    Great Photos! See you at Freaking Fat Tuesday.

  2. I have been having this reoccurring dream where I am riding my fat bike in a indoor park, and I like it!

  3. Ask him about my Moonlander in there. I was part of a group that was invited to test the new lines out before they opened for the season (back in September(?) 2012). No crowds!! It was also the same weekend my Moonie arrived from QBP. You bet your ass I took it with. My friends (who are better riders) had a ball on it. it got broke in on the beginner jump lines. Hahaha.

    I believe he was there also. He let me use the shop to make some adjustments. I only have one photo though, I never got the rest from my buddy.

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