(Fat)-Bike Mojo

You know what bike mojo is, right? (Fat)-Bike Mojo is the same thing only on a fat-bike! Often attached with zip ties to the handlebar, but regularly strapped, lashed or otherwise attached to other areas of the bike, (Fat)-Bike Mojo is a bit of personality to help make your bike unique and expressive. Plastic cartoon characters, jewelry, rubber duckies, chili peppers, whatever! Make it yours and make it unique.

My bike mojo tends to be items I’ve found on rides like Aquaman here who I found on a beach ride about a year ago. Originally, he was on my Northpaw beach bike but has since moved to Tatanka #1 for some reason that I can not remember at this particular time. Possibly because, with the BFLs on the Tatanka, it is now a bike I ride pretty often on the beach and that is Aquaman’s natural habitat.

Some bike mojo may reflect the BIKE’s personality like this one on our Riverwest 24 race bike. The bike immediately struck me as an old hot rod when I built it. The distressed/rat paint job sure helped. So the 1930’s inspired plane made me think of that by-gone era and SPEED! Used to be a cool red propeller on it too but it is MIA.

Notice how in context, during the Riverwest 24, it seems like it belongs!

Some bike mojo reflects the bike OWNER’s personality like Dave’s shark.

Notice that it does look right at home at the beach. I believe this is a freshwater shark looking for a meal.

Here is another one that reflects the bikes personality but may cross over into the realm of owner personality as well. This one his from site contributor Mark from SLC. The Mojo is Marvin, obviously, while the bike’s name is “Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator!”

Car-on-bike mojo. This crossover species was spotted at the Wisconsin Fat-Bike Championships last year.

Some bike mojo even makes the jump from simple bike mojo to bike event icon like the infamous Chikken Belle (Rev2) eschewing its attachment to the bike altogether and sucking them down with the crew!

What’s not bike mojo? Well, I am not the mojo police, mostly because police have absolutely NO mojo, but I’d say stickers, colored wheels, grips or spoke nipples, fancy stem caps, you get the idea. All those things are great ways to personalize your rig but they are not MOJO. Often bike mojo has a face but not always. This mustache, while cool is questionable as mojo.

We’d like to see your fat-bike mojo so send them to mojo@fat-bike.com. We might just ping you back with a prize offering!

  • Send as often as you like but each entry must be a different mojo.
  • Fat-Bikes only, please. I know you all have other bikes but this is Fat-Bike.com you know.
  • Currently there is not an ending time. We will randomly hand out prizes whenever we feel like it!
  • Entries become the property of fat-bike.com and we can do with them what we see fit.
  • Good Luck and show us your Mojo!

Gomez’ Moonlander Mojo (above).


Nathin sent in both the Mojos above and below. The stormtrooper is on one unique fat-bike! Check out the ERB Fatbike Nathin had custom made.



  1. Nice! I like the “Stache” the best, other than Marvin for obvious reasons. I was curious if this (MoJo’s) was going to be on the site.

    • O… I just realized the “stache” while containing MoJo, is in fact not a MoJo. I change my vote to the Plane w/ prop.

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