(Fat)-Bike Mojo Gallery and First Winner

Congratulations to Mark P. of Salt Lake City for being the winner of the first prize we are giving away in our (Fat)-Bike Mojo contest, the Bob Korn Pugsley print shown below!

We are not done with this contest yet! Keep your Mojo photos coming and we will give another random prize sometime down the road.

Not a lot of rules here but there a couple:

  • Enter as often as you like but each entry must be a different mojo.
  • Fat-Bikes only, please. I know you all have other bikes but this is Fat-Bike.com you know.
  • Currently there is not an ending time. We will randomly hand out prizes whenever we feel like it!
  • Send them to mojo@fat-bike.com.
  • Entries become the property of fat-bike.com and we can do with them what we see fit.
  • Good Luck and show us your Mojo!



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