Fat-bike Art


Jeff Waggoner from Absent Art was recently commissioned by a fat-bike owner to create the piece of art you see here. We asked Jeff to let us know about the inspiration for the art as well as a bit about the process. Here are his thoughts on the piece and the process:

I wish I could say that I thought up the idea for this piece on my own but I was approached by the owner to create a “Fat-Bike” design. After he showed me a few pictures of his bike I knew I had to make the size of the tire really stand out! So, I figured it would be best that the tire be in the “foreground” of the piece. Also, rather than just the bike it should have a person riding. I guess I did that because pieces that promote action are always more fun than a piece that shows none. I was also sure to exaggerate then knobby tires! I had no idea this world of biking even existed…but I think it’s really cool!!


The process I use is quite simple. To begin with, I start with a completely plain piece of either Baltic Birch plywood or MDF (Medium-density fiberboard)…depending on what type of finish is desired by the customer. I use a 3/4 inch thick most often. The birch is great for stained finishes whereas the MDF gives a very smooth glass like finish. Then I start cutting…removing areas of the board to create the desired look. Sometimes I use a drawing that I sketched up beforehand and sometimes just free-hand. With this particular piece I drew a design before starting.

The size of this particular piece is approximately 36″ tall by 50″ wide. However I can make them just about any size. The smaller the more difficult and less detail in a piece. The reason for that is the inability to paint the inside edges when they are so small.

Jeff says he is absolutely interested in commissioning more pieces. If you have a design that you think Jeff could help you render, shoot him a note at jeff@absentart.com.

Do you know of other fat-bike inspired art? We’d love to feature more work from artists who turn their creative eye towards the fat-bike as subject matter. Let me know what you know! Send me a note to greg@fat-bike.com.

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  1. Jeff is a fantastic artist and I am thrilled to have this art hanging in my office. Great job Jeff!

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