Fat-bike Art Made in Alaska


After seeing our previous piece on Fat-bike Art an observance fellow named Adam contacted  us about a Fat-bike Art piece his girlfriend Angie did. We got it touch with Angie to see what inspires here and how she goes about making her particular style of art.

Here is what she had to say:

My name is Angie. I live in Anchorage, Alaska and am a full time bike enthusiast, part time hobby artist! I guess you could say my inspiration was born out of my love for Fat-biking. I was never an avid biker, but got into biking fall of 2012 after purchasing my 9:ZERO:7 and riding it all around Alaska. I quickly fell in love and not just with Fat Biking but with all things bike. I wanted to reflect this passion in my home through artwork, but after extensive searching I could not find any Fat Bike Art and set out to create my own. I had a 30” x 40” canvas that I had painted brown a few years ago, but had never decided what I wanted to paint on it – it had become a running joke. Staring at this blank brown canvas in my office one day, inspiration struck as I was thinking about all the amazing places that I have biked and still want to Fat Bike in Alaska.


As far as my process goes. I started out taking pictures of our Fat-bike collection, both the whole bike and the individual components –at the time we had a 9:ZERO:7, a Fatback and a Salsa Mukluk so I had great variety to choose from. The next step was to edit these pictures in Photoshop in order to create a good outline of the bike. Finally, I traced an outline of my reference bike (in this case the Salsa Mukluk) onto a map of Alaska and cut out my bike from the map.

My 30” x 40” canvas (1 ½“ thick) was painted brown using Acrylic Paints and various techniques were used to create a texture to the paint. I laid out the bike map of Alaska on the canvas and used an adhesive to apply the map and secure it to the canvas. I wanted the map color to be more subdued and I really like the combination of copper and brown, so I took copper acrylic paint and applied it in a thin layer over the entire map. Finally, I applied a semi-gloss sealant to finish the painting.

I loved creating this project and am already working on expanding on this collection with different sized pieces, various colors and different style bikes or bike parts. I would happily commission more pieces and work with someone on their ideas if they want a custom Fat-bike painting (or if they want to purchase one of my previously created pieces). If someone is interested in one of my paintings they can email me at Angieglov@hotmail.com.

Thank, Angie!