Everyday Cycles Radio – Full Spectrum Cycling Podcast

everyday cycles radio full spectrum cycling podcast

Sven and JK are back with the Full Spectum Cycling Podcast, a bi-weekly show featuring cycling in all its many guises. Fat-biking, Cyclocross, Adventure Cycling, Urban Assault and general schmack talking are all on the docket.

Join us on this our inaugural, released into the wild show. In reality it is the 3rd we’ve done with a couple in the can for future amusement. After a couple year hiatus and we are still getting our chops back, finding our feet and the shows theme and segments etc. as well as recording the entire show live with no edits so be warned, it could get dicy!

In future shows we will likely fire up the old podcasting rig once we move it to the new, in-store studio at Everyday Cycles in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood. If you find yourself in MKE on a Wednesday evening about 7PM you have a 1 in 2 chance of being on a show (we do it every other week!) if you stop by the shop at 826 E Locust St and join us. Don’t forget the beer!

For the techie in some of you, this show was recorded live with a Shure Motive MV88 Microphone into an iPhone XS and then run through Audacity for Normalization and Compression, then converted to an MP3. No other editing, cut and pasting etc. was done to improve the show. It might not always be that way but this one is!


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