DIY Winter Flat Soled Boots

Eric is a 34-year old fat-bike, x country, downhill cyclist and hails from Val-d’Or north west of Quebec Canada He contacted us with a nifty mod he did to a pair of Sorel boots to give him soles like his favorite summer flats! He wanted me to correct grammar but if you think like a French Canadian this will make plenty of sense so put on you toque and read along!

For about three years of fat biking, mostly in winter, I have found a problem. Each rides on my Moonlander, equipped with Deity compound flat pedals was a torture for my Sorel winter boots.

So, four years ago, I have bought my first pair of 5-10 bike shoes. I use them in downhill, all mountain, cross-country and for commuting. The Stealth rubber compound sole is the most sticking thing under your shoes exception of an old chewing gum.


5-10 doesn’t make a winter cycling boot but they sell a resole kit including glue and a mat of stealth rubber to customize your winter boots.


Some specialized companies make some great winter boots for cycling but there is a cheaper alternative. Just buy this resole kit, bring it with your favorite pair of boots to your shoemaker, cobbler or do it yourself (with the instructions).


The sticky rubber could slide on ice like other boots but on the pedals it kills and it’s extremely durable. Be sure to have good studded pedals to maximize the performance. Deity, Sun Ringle, 45 NRTH are good ones.

You can reach the multiple 5-10 dealers on the website for this product.

It costs me 40 Canadian dollars at my local bike shop for the resole kit plus 20 dollars for the shoemaker services.

Have a good riding winter!!




Do you have a DIY project that you think might benefit other readers? Let me know! Shoot me a story an some pix to and we’ll see what you’ve got!


  1. Oh for the days of being 34… I’m a 58 yr old fatbike rider and commute 15-20 miles a day in the central Idaho moutains (about 14K miles in the last 4 years). I did the same mod using Keen winter boots. You’ve got to love that 5.10 rubber!!

  2. That’s a really good idea. I’ve always hated riding flat pedals in all normal winter boots, including all winter cycling shoes. Not sure about 45North’s though.
    I found some Technica No Stop high top shoes that have a great sole and Thinsulate inside. Not for sub-zero degree days but super comfy and the best sole I’ve found for flat pedals. The only place they have a few left is on their website.

  3. didn’t know about the resole kit and i have often wondered about just cutting up or modifying a bigger size 5.10 shoe.

    I also wonder if I mailed a resole kit to steiger mukluks if they’d just put ’em for me?

  4. Or try asking empire canvas works, to build you pair of their mukluks with this sole.

    After this, you still suffer with poor ice traction, so get some of the grip studs and put them in the toe and heel area.

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