Colorful Rolling Darryl Fat-bike Rims

Colorful Rolling Darryl Fat-bike Rims

URGENT! After a quick heads up from one of our peeps in Iowa we gotta get to ya’ll on the quick!

From Surly there are some new, limited-edition, powder-coated Rolling Darryls in your choice of three colors: China White, Kawasaki Green or Ed’s Dead Red. Call up your favorite local fat-bike shoppe and ask them to order some for you immediately. There are only 66 of each so they won’t last long. Oh, and don’t call Surly cuz they are all headed to the Rib Tickler for lunch.

BTW, last check showed less than 38 of each color as of 1:41PM on this fine Friday afternoon!

UPDATE: As of 8:25AM Oct 22nd there are 30 Red, 34 White and 37 Green left at the mother ship.

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  1. good to see some color choices, although one can hit up their local PC joint and choose from hundreds however sourcing the stickers is another story.

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