Chewey’s Salon Chair #5 – BMX Brad – COVID – Schwinns – and Hockey Chatter

On this show Chewey gets into wide ranging topics from Schwinn bikes and coaster brakes, to the effects of COVID on local rides and, of course, hockey with hockey buddy Brad.

Brad was a bike guy (ya BMX is a bike thing), then he wasn’t. Brad really wanted to do a podcast. Since we have no hockey going on (we both play and coach) I thought we might as well do this. Brad looked at the stable of bikes I had. Mentioned that if we had coaster brake bikes to rip around town on he might get back into bikes. State Bicycles has a Klunker, so Brad is a bike guy again!! 

For a bit of perspective the show was recorded in early December 2020 but don’t let that stop you from listening! We have a couple more from the archives coming up in a couple of weeks.