Becker Sewing and Design Beerpacking Bag

Bruce sent in this mini-review of the Becker Sewing and Design Beerpacking Bag for your perusal.

Tupp Becker at Becker Sewing and Design recently began offering a new and unique bag to round out your bikepacking setup, dubbed the “Beerpacking Bag.” The Beerpacker takes advantage of the often unused real estate on the underside of the bike’s downtube – a perfect place for stashing a few barley pops, of course, but also a number of other odd-shaped things like tent poles, a thermos, a tarp, tenkara rod, and/or other essentials:

Beerpacking Bag Pic 1 Smithhammer
I could easily fit 4 IPAs and a collapsible tarp pole in the Beerpacking Bag…

Beerpacking Bag Pic 2 Smithhammer

Workmanship is excellent – the sewing quality is professional, and the Beerpacking Bag uses a heavy-duty YKK nylon zipper that is sure to last a long time. The bag is contructed of a thicker, rubberized fabric that runs the length of the bag on top, bottom and ends (the high-wear areas) while a tough. but lighter, nylon is used on the sides. The bag is available in a variety of colors.

Beerpacking Bag Pic 3 Smithhammer

The Beerpacking Bag is a deliberately simple bag that virtually any bikepacker will likely find a use for. Handbuilt in Fairbanks, Alaska. Becker products are designed by interior Alaskan riders for interior Alaskan conditions, emphasizing bombproof simplicity, because experience has repeatedly proved that complicated features tend to fail at -70ºF. Becker Sewing and Design also produces a variety of other high-quality, custom bikepacking bags (in addition to custom dogsledding bags, camera bags, etc). To find out more, you can contact them at:

(Note from Bruce: I have no affiliation with Becker Design and Sewing, just a satisfied customer.)

Bruce does’t have any affiliation with Tupp, but we do! He sent us a few of these Beerpacking Bags complete with custom logo to use as prizes for all you Fat-bike Radio listeners out there. Listen to the Weekly Dose of Fat for all our contests! We are giving away a lot of great stuff and the contest for these will begin in December after the Toys For Tots contest is over. Stay tuned!


  1. How do i purchase one of these beer packing bags??????? There is NO PLACE to purchase. HELP want to get this for a christmas gift

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